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Universal Oneness is the discovery of how we love one another through experiencing living with the tools of all existance. ......Ascended Wisdom Teachings

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What is a Rule of Life

Our Rule of Life is mandatory as we walk the spiritual path.

      It is the container which allows us personal examination and it is the freedom keeper of our dreams.

  Our rule of life is our intentional seed bed from which our dreams can be held in safe personal in focus, intention and attention.

    A rule of life has been used by spiritual medicine people from the beginning of time as a tool for practice.  Though today we may approach looking at a Rule of Life as some kind of instrument of torture, or freedom stealer; in fact a rule is a very magical ally.  It is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful friend in times of great ecstatic experiences of joy and pain.  It is our record keeper on our path personal to freedom, our guide and our discipline when we are feeling wayward.  It allows us to strengthen our heart, our mind, body and our soul.  It is teacher house of the Soul and teacher vehicle of the Spirit.



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