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Universal Oneness is the discovery of how we love one another through experiencing living with the tools of all existance. ......Ascended Wisdom Teachings

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New Breed Healers Formation

Spiritual Direction and Guidance:   

Willow's personal statement regarding spiritual guidance.
        Spiritual Guidance is a form of spiritual training provided to the individual within or outside of the physical body of a spiritual community.  A spiritual guide is a being who maintains a life devoted to sharing the wisdom of their life path, the life path of the ancestors and their teachers.  The spiritual guide has gone through  processes in the ?awakening process? and speaks only in those areas which they feel competent in.  The spiritual guide gives and receives guidance and training and is able to speak  clearly to specific aspects of soul development.   The spiritual guide is under guidance of another  guide.  The spiritual guide understands individuality and community, serving both in respect, confidentiality, discernment, kindness and wisdom through and in love. 

Willow's Statement of Intention:

          I Willow have been under spiritual direction for the whole of this incarnation. 
  Through the process of my unfurling and unfolding, I Willow, choose in freewill participation, the sacred life and pathway of my life purpose.

        I, Willow, seek to guide the individual in finding the joy of authentic self through knowing personal truth InLove. 

          I, Willow, seek to serve and honor Sacred Reflections and the Community of
New Breed Healers in loving wisdom through communion, compassion, co-operation and co-creation.

InLove and Peace,


Spiritual Guidance:   
(Please take the time to review what a spiritual guide is and why it is important for understanding the path you are examining.)

Website:  Sacred Reflections:  Center for Transformational Awareness   (see consultants)


About Contemplation

       Contemplation is the process work in Inner Formation.  The contemplative process of  Formation has been used by aboriginal beings, beings of medicine, hermits, mystics, and cloistered groups since the beginning of human consciousness.  Until recently the common belief  has been that the only Beings  who could reach enlightenment were those who souly/soley developed a personal discipline within the walls of confinement and religious order.    This is no longer truth and individuals are experiencing successful awakening when dedicated to and in support of a  working spiritual community outside of the monastery.

                    Living a personal spiritual life in the world is a new concept.

       In recent history, individuals have advanced in consideration of and in response to life.  This consideration has been a significant contributor  to the major shift in consciousness which is occurring universally.   Personal awareness of the individual contribution has brought into existence a quantum evolutionary step in Conscious Thinking and Understanding .   The last conscious shift of this magnitude occurred during the Renaissance when the Idea of being  ?In Love?  became a reason for  Unity.
      Still point,  balance and center occurs when each Being takes personal responsibility for understanding  personal Truth.   Our desire to be all that we are created to be, while living in our world is both available and necessary during these most Sacred of Times.  Universal quantum capacity for inner and outer balance is here.  We are in the midst of  an Evolutionary progression of Collective Consciousness at a rate and capacity that has not been witnessed in this world life time. Each individuals personal awareness contributes to this shift.  The Universal effect of the shift from ?chaos? to ?still point?  carries a magnitude of  importance on a universal level. 

       May our  lives sustain Beauty and Reverence as we Embrace Divine Love
in new and enlightening ways.
Blessed be our magnificent journey on the pathway of inner knowing and outer reflection.
                                                                                                     In Love,



     Sacred Reflections is a way of life.  It is a teaching which holds the highest intention of knowing oneself as authentic being.  Through commitment in communion, compassion, co-operation and co-creation, Sacred Reflections seeks to know and be the clearest vision of DivineHuman Being InLove.

Three principles:

1.  Divine is Love.
2.  We are the Children of Divine Love.
3.  We Are Divine Love.

Three Aims:

1.  To walk my path in fullest conscious personal spiritual awareness.
2.  To BE in harmony in my spiritual, emotional and physical life.
3.  To know myself as wholeness within the Oneness of All.

Questions of Self Examination:

1.  We ask three primary questions:
     Who am I?
     Where do I live?
     Why do I live there?

2.  Then we ask:
     Where do I want to live?
     How do I get there?

What do I desire?
Through my desire, how do I honor or dishonor my own freewill?
Through my desire, how I do I honor or dishonor the freewill of others? 

Rules for daily living:

                                   Sacred Time
                                   Sacred Space

What is the purpose of Sacred Reflections?

                                    Through inner seeking,
                                  we find out who we really are.
                                   In finding out who we are,
                            we remember who we are created to be.
                          In re-member-ing who we are created to be,
                          we know ourselves to be a whole parts of  the whole.
                                    As part of the whole
                              we Remember that we are One.
                                         I AM You
                                       We Are WE
                      Universally DivineHuman Beings InLove.


The Community  of New Breed Healers:
          The formation process of Sacred Reflections is a discipline which seeks to consciously
co-create in intention, New Breed Healers in highest  vision of  DivineHuman Being InLove.   
WE strive for this full understanding of our wholeness through discipline,  personal conscious awareness and a clear understanding of  being freewill participants in this incarnation.  We begin our personal and communal journey with the examination of freewill as both a divine gift and divine responsibility.  We live within and outside physical community.  We hold sacred relationship through prayer, meditation, retreats and in communication technology.  Advancements in thinking and technology have provided accessible ways of embracing community on global and universal levels.

           A commitment to formation in communion with others is a commitment to entering into a guided process of deep personal work within a community.  The community is made up of beings who hold the same sacred intention as individuals and as a whole,  although we are all from different spiritual and/or cultural traditions.
           For the individual,  formation helps to identify key patterns in relationship with self, others, the world and universe. Through this process you will be consciously calling forth experiences which will challenge your understanding, faith and personal truth.  The result is finding out who you are as, authentic being.   Your desire to know your authentic self will be the motivating factor which will compel you to move forward in this work.   You will develop close personal relationships with your companions on the way. They will be there to give and receive heart to heart support, challenge and encouragement. 
When awakening occurs  within community, this intensive personal transition, transformation and transfiguration is shared and joyfully honored by our brothers and sisters who also walk this sacred pathway of humility.  Deep and meaningful relationships support our ever strengthening heart and desire for understanding of what ?universal peace? really means.   

The Realm of the Soul
Entering into the realm of the soul is an inward calling to remember and re-member who we are.  It is a Divine remembrance of wholeness.  The voice of the soul is an inward yearning.  This  call beckons each of  us to consciously examine our attitudes, choices, decisions and actions based upon who we are, where we live within our selves, what we believe about our world and where our faith is held with divine. 

Who are the Brothers and Sisters of: The Order of New Breed Healers
WE are individuals of all Spiritual paths.  We are awakening and awakened workers of Divine Light and Love Intention.  We are beings who have encountered death in many ways.  We seek to honor our experience of Oneness in freewill participation in this incarnation.  We strive for our authentic self to be the pure reflection of our truth and that our truth be in harmony in Divine Love and Understanding.  We hold sacred the gift of all life and relationship, ever striving to serve simplicity in truth as communion, compassion, co-operation and co-creation. 
We seek to honor Our Lives as Sacred Reflections of Divine Intention
And through this awakening Honor All Life in Sacred Oneness.


                     My  Commitments  and Intentions as a New Breed Healer

My commitments to myself and my community are:

My commitment to my relationships with another being, is to examine from my heart and to act(action) from my heart.

To recognize that whatever it is that I am speaking to is also a reflection of my personal view which may or may not have unresolved issues (and likely does have unresolved issues as I am DivinelyHuman).

To have an allowance for another view that I do not understand.

To acknowledge that what I do understand is only a small part spoken of all that is unspoken.

To honor the idea of whatever I think I understand, and to equally honor that which I do not understand. 

To know that my judgments are containers which can be used to hold sacred joy or to destroy and humiliate. 

To manifest relationships which hold sacred the being that I am and the being that they are,
in integrity and inlove.

To Co-Create with others InLove through Communion, Compassion and Co-operation.

To do this means that I must examine myself by:
     *Knowing what is important to me and to know what is important to the other.
     *Seeking to understand beyond the superficial level.

To do this, I must go within and ask for guidance in what the important thing is and trust in that guidance.

            *I must be willing and able to make concessions without feeling as if
                          OUR freedoms having been taken away.

            *To know this, I must know that the concessions that we are making are
                         with persons/beings who hold the same integrity and commitment to the relationship.

             *This requires me to be in my highest integrity and desire of union with Divine InLove.

             *This requires me to be in my highest integrity and desire of union with Divine InLove.


Contract of self with Self

I,  ______________________________________, with the clarity of freewill,

courage and vision, enter into a 6 month personal contract with my divine self and

the Community of New Breed Healers. 

I trust in Divine Love?s guidance and blessing as I walk sure footedly, my path of Wholeness.

_________________________________                                                     __________________
Signature    (Aspirant)                            Date

_________________________________                                                     __________________
Signature    (Spiritual Guide)                        Date

Dark Night of the Soul

Ego/Soul Dialogue in the place of transition.

I enter into the realm of the soul.
I ego stand within the burning flame of one sided thinking.
I burn away the knowingness of who I thought myself to be.

Now I see you Soul, I embrace your beauty.
Why  have I for so long resisted you?
Now as I feel your beauty and embrace,
I also know the torrents of  the imbalance of my life.
I see you,
You stand steady upon the waves of change and fortune.
Teach me how, with grace, to know your beauty,
To be beauty with you.

Dear Love of my life.
Do you know that I have chosen to be your twin?
For you hold the qualities which I call mine.
I see your beauty, you are beauty.
Let us stand together in the rhythm of our Being ness.


Article by Willow Tequillo written for the International Shaman's Conference 9/2005

                                                Sacred Reflections
                                      Trinity Process of Spiritual Formation

         Today we encounter a clear understanding, process and relationship of  7th World Prime Qualities of Communion, Compassion, Cooperation and Co-Creation for the Soul Purpose of Love.  Let us walk sure footedly in these worlds as we pass in all wellness through the Reed. 
Blessings and Peace,
Willow, Twohawks, Rowena and the Ancient Ones

What is Trinity?
      1.  Trinity is a whole  Understanding of  Prime Divine through the Expression of  Love.
         *Trinity lives in and through our personal awareness and understanding of Divine Human process As Love and In Love.
         *We embrace Divine awareness and understanding through mindful reflection to and from our Heart Awareness.

      2.  Trinity is composed of  four Primal expressions which are: 
              Of Love,  To Love,  For Love and From Love.
          *These expressions are referred to as the four qualities which  make up the essential characteristics of 4 Trinities.
          *Each Trinity is a complete expression of one of the 4 Primal Expressions of Love.     
          *Each Trinity embraces an understanding of the 4 Prime Aspects of Love.
          *Each Trinity is complete in its own expression.
          *The fullest combined Understanding and Expression of 4 Trinities make up One complete Trinity understanding.   New Earth Formation.

        3.  Trinity speaks to the Whole Understanding of the Meaning of Love for the purpose of understanding Emotional Evolution. 

              *Trinity describes the contents of  the vehicle for the process of Emotional Evolution as the fullest awareness of  the Mindful Heart.

               *Mindful Heart is the embodied relationship within the physical body,  heart body, mind body,  spirit body and soul body and their relationships.

       4. Trinity lives in and through Beings personal awareness and understanding of the process InLove.

       5.  Being  In Love equates to Prime Divine and/or  Trinity which  lives in and through our personal Conscious Awareness and Expression  of ourselves as Divine Human Being.

                      The Fundamental Divine Human Process for knowing our selves as
                              Whole Being in Divine Oneness is easily identified through
                                   understanding the Prime Divine Expression -  Love.

Why it works:
                The need and understanding of this process is of most importance today. 
Our world is made up of beings exposed to the Linear Mind Dominance which has resulted in Beings unable to find center and balance.  Linear mindfulness is most important, yet when it is the sole/soul source of understanding, imbalance occurs.

               Because our  world today primarily speaks to the linear aspects of Mind, it is difficult for  Being to reach inside to know self.   The gate way, which is the path of two directions, is closed off or inaccessible.  In confusion, Being understands this state of  imbalance as Natural.  Though it is not Un-natural to be in extremes at times, it is not Natural to constantly live in any extreme state.   The quest is to validate Being where Being lives.  Discovery of modes which allow Being the freedom and validation of purposeful existence within Beings own environment are necessary.

              Today we call forth Methods which speak to the necessity of balanced Being in both worlds (Heaven and Earth) for the strengthening of the web of life.  Today we realized that it is no longer necessary or required that  Being leave identification with their Life in order to come into full relationship with self/Self.  Monasteries are no longer required for the Being to become Enlightened. 

    Mindful Experiential Processes of Formation dedicated to Soul/Ego integration are required for Being to experience ?stillness, peace, wholeness, guidance and consciousness.

               The methods that are available today attempt to help the Being find inner peace, yet appear to be invalid because they lack the ability to get the minds attention.   Our task is to remember the peace found in stillness and to develop models which speak to Being as Whole. 

         Importance of Conscious Awareness, Global Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness:

             We are in a monumental time of awakening on a Cosmically Conscious scale.
Beings in Balance are a tribute and a Conscious Contribution to the Micro-cosmic and Macro-Cosmic Nature of All Life.  The Hopi (the people of peace) believe,  'as  is within, so is without'. 

                                        The greater the awareness of each Being,
                                                     the greater the balance of
                                                          All life and form.

              This statement is important because, though a Being may not consciously ?Know Self? to be awakening, the fact that they are incarnate at this time is Truth in their process of  Awakening.

Concerns of Un-Conscious Awakening:

    The Ancient Ones tell us of this Time in Eternity where we are in a monumental time of awakening on a Cosmically Conscious scale.

               Many cultures know the important difference in conscious and  un-conscious awakening  and the dangers presented for the initiate.   Our people believe that one of the major causes of mental illness today has to do with this un-conscious awakening.

              When Being is awakened, Being can go into an ecstatic state, 'believing all to be  blissful'.  With out proper guidance and formation, the reality of earth bound living sets into the awakened Being  and disillusionment takes over.  Without proper Spiritual guidance, Being  experiences the pain of such reality and death without guidance.  This death does  not usually occur in the  physical body although death in any form is harsh and confusing.   This is death is a natural state and process which requires guidance.   Few Beings who experience this death alone have the ability to process or understand what is happening.  This is a dangerous undergoing for Being and those in accompaniment.  The result is Inner Chaos and Outer Chaos, such as we see as our World View today. 

Formation and Guidance:
               Trinities is a method of formation which takes into the consideration the needs of both the linear and abstract qualities of Mind by speaking to both processes at the same time.  The gift then becomes an Awakening of the  senses through a process which allows the whole Mind  to be experienced and brought into balance in a gentle and grace filled way. 

    World Cultures and Cosmically Conscious Beings are lending light and love in the evolution of this, Time in Eternity and phenomenon of Cosmic Conscious Heart Mind Awareness.  Together , we  step forward in greater awareness of Beauty and Love to lend a hand, in aiding each Heart Mind to Know Self. 

                               As Shamans, Teacher, Healers,  Beings of Medicine

        Our Purpose and Cosmic contribution is to provide clear  pathways for each Beings understanding of  Personal Truth.  Let us collectively form a Pathway and an open Gateway,  as clear as possible for every Being on this planet and in the universe/s.

Let our own Conscious Awareness of the process of  Emotional Evolution
Embrace the Graceful Advancement of this Time In Eternity.

Today we have encountered a clear understanding, process and relationship of  7th World Prime Qualities of Communion, Compassion, Cooperation and Co-Creation for the Soul Purpose of Beings InLove.

Let us walk sure footedly in these worlds as we pass in all wellness through the Reed.

Blessings and Peace,
Willow, Twohawks, Rowena and the Ancient Ones
For More Information Please Contact:
Sacred Reflections
c/o Twohawks
P.O. Box 4386
Stateline, Nevada 89449  USA



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