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Universal Oneness is the discovery of how we love one another through experiencing living with the tools of all existance. ......Ascended Wisdom Teachings

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#2 Topic - Ego/Soul Method

#2 Topic - Ego/Soul Method

Ego/Soul Dialogue and Teaching Method
EGO/SOUL Dialogue Purpose - BA breaking through the shadows of KHAIBIT.

The Ego/Soul dialogue is a conversation between self/Self in the higher dimensions.

This conversation is not a 4th World or 3rd Dimensional psychological conversation.
    The Ego/Soul dialogue is a conversation that is taking place within the 5th, 6th and 7th worlds or 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions.  It is a multi-dimensional conversation which calls in to the conversation, the full awarenesses of the Ego based Being worlds and the Soul based Being worlds.

    The Ego/Soul live in multidimensional worlds within 9 bodies which we are awakening into balanced awareness of SELF.  In Rowena Kryder's work, called "Robes of Light" these bodies are described in depth.  These nine bodies are experienced through the Mental, Physical and Emotional Bodies of each individual creation.  Our work as New Breed Healers is to awaken, align and tap into our fullest capacity as Divine Human Beings by awakening our Nine Bodies and create a safe place for fullest exploration of who we are.  Each of our bodies has gifts which allow awakening into that realm.

    For instance there is the gift of the voice of the 5th chakra.  The gift of the voice is more than words and sound which come from our mouth, the voice in its highest form give us our name/REN. 

'Our name' gives voice to 'our truth' and 'our truth' gives safe haven for 'our creative genius' to be explored by each individual and to be shared in unity.

               Personal creative genius will not avail itself in its fullest potential, to this 5th world or 4th dimension, until it knows that a safe place has been created by the ego in this matter based world.   4th world or 3rd dimension at times catches a glimpse of Creative Genius but it only lasts for short periods of time. 

              Being able to speak our personal truth is imperative for the fullest awareness and opening of the creative genius.  Yet this is not so easily accomplished. 

              The creative voice is kept sacred by the Soul, and the Soul will not allow the creative genius to be manipulated by Ego's desire to fully manifest in this earth world without Ego's fullest participation in co-creating sacred time and sacred space.

    The Ego/Soul dialogue is a continuing dialogue which allows the conversation for the fullest integration of our nine bodies through conscious assimilation in awareness through the processes of the emotional evolution of enlightenment.  All of the Sacred Reflections Tools are methods which work together as threads  to co-create a conscious cord of unified processes for personal awakening in Highest Dimensions of living life as a Divine Human Being. 

    4 Matter Based Bodies (Earth)
1.    Mind
2.    Physical
3.    Emotional
4.    Etheric

Sacred Reflections Trinities works to unify the lower and upper worlds in Oneness through Emotional Evolution.
        This unifing evolution takes place through the 'feelings' in the bodies and the bodies ability to discern these feelings and embody them in a sensical manner which speaks clearly to whole Being.  Tranformation, Transmutation and Transfiguration are movements, assimilation and integration of the variouis bodies in the upper and lower realms, worlds and dimensions. 

9 Bodies which reside in Higher Dimensional Realms
    (definitions from "Robes of Light" by Rowena Kryder)
1.    REN - Name of the Soul at 1st Incarnation
2.    KHAT - Physical body hologram
3.    KA - Etheric double and subconscious
4.    KHAIBIT - Unconscious shadows, rectifier of emotions and thoughts.
5.    AB - Conscience which reflects other subtle bodies.
6.    BA - Soul which knows it?s Soul purpose.
7.    SEHKEM - Vital energy of the kundalini.
8.    SHU - Unity of voice through lower bodies involvement in Sacred Art.
9.    Khu - The Khu resides with Prime Source in Eternal Light.



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