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Universal Oneness is the discovery of how we love one another through experiencing living with the tools of all existance. ......Ascended Wisdom Teachings

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# 1 Topic for this forum: Methods used for Unification of ONENESS

# 1 Topic for this forum:  Methods used for Unification of ONENESS
Sacred Reflections: Center for Transformational Awareness  -

A contemporary teaching which uses indigenous and modern methods and tools specifically developed for the awakening and integration of the Personal Beings,  9 Bodies through the conscious unified effort of  the Ego/Soul. 

*******A Rule of Life is mandatory for all participants in this work.

Consciously creating Sacred Time and Sacred Space is essential for the awakening of awareness?s in  Enlightenment.

Fullest Enlightenment REQUIRES that the SOUL is able to live consciously as One with the EGO in this Matter Based World and that SOUL/EGO as One participate in the highest dimensional realm as KHU. 

        Enlightenment requires ONE thing:

Method:  Unification of ONENESS
Tools and How they work:

EGO/SOUL Dialogue:  BA breaking through the shadows of KHAIBIT.

I AM Meditations: REN Discovery of Soul Name.

I Am Here and Fully Present:  Discovery of KHU.

Symbol Initiations through Energy Work:  AB

Symbol Initiations through Physical Art: BA

Physical, Mental and Emotional Exercise:  KHAT

Dance of Creation: SEHKEM

Natural Order of Sacred Time and Sacred Space:  SHAU

Contemplation with personal Counsel:  Identification with and residence of KHU.

Quality Unifying Contemplations and Story:  Integration of Universal Consciousness of ONENESS.

Ceremony and Ritual:  Fullest co-creative participation in Universal Oneness.

Lower worlds (dimensions)

Matter Based Bodies (Earth) 
1.    Mind
2.    Physical (Knowing)
3.    Emotional
4.    Etheric

Sacred Reflections Trinities works to unify the lower and upper worlds in Oneness.

Upper Worlds (dimensions)
9 Bodies which reside in Higher Dimensional Realms
    (definitions from "Robes of Light" by Rowena Kryder)

1.    REN - Name of the Soul at 1st Incarnation
2.    KHAT - Physical body hologram
3.    KA - Etheric double and subconscious
4.    KHAIBIT - Unconscious shadows, rectifier of emotions and thoughts.
5.    AB - Conscience which reflects other subtle bodies.
6.    BA - Soul which knows it's Soul purpose.
7.    SEHKEM - Vital energy of the kundalini.
8.    SHU - Unity of voice through lower bodies involvement in Sacred Art.
9.    Khu - The Khu resides with Prime Source in Eternal Light.


David Frawley, an expert on Hindu philosophy and religion, comments on Dharma as follows:

A universal tradition has room for all faiths and all religious and spiritual practices regardless of the time or country of their origin. Yet it places religious and spiritual teachings in their appropriate place relative to the ultimate goal of Self-realization, to which secondary practices are subordinated.

Sanatan Dharma also recognizes that the greater portion of human religious aspirations has always been unknown, undefined and outside of any institutionalized belief.

Sanatan Dharma thereby gives reverence to individual spiritual experience over any formal religious doctrine.

Wherever the Universal Truth is manifest; there is Sanatan Dharma, whether it is in a field of religion, art or science, or in the life of a person or community.

Wherever the Universal Truth is not recognized, or is scaled down or limited to a particular group, book or person, even if done so in the name of God, there Sanatan Dharma ceases to function, whatever the activity is called.

Sanatana = Eternal Discipline



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