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Universal Oneness is the discovery of how we love one another through experiencing living with the tools of all existance. ......Ascended Wisdom Teachings

#1 2006-07-24 15:48:00

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Forming a Rule of Life

Sacred Reflections:  Center for Transformational Awareness

Rule of Life for Community of New Breed Healers (Required)

Considerations in forming the Rule of Life

The rule itself involves the following components:

Daily walk:

1.    Morning Dedication:  This usually takes about 30 minutes. 

a.   Personal Prayer (aim 6:00 am for first and second orders. 
               For second order due to the complexities of life, aim is to begin daily devotion within 10 minutes of waking.)
               The third order does not commit to a Rule of Life, the aim is to embrace the way and teachings to the best of personal ability (as is with all) at their own pace.

b.    Dance of Creation (which you do not know yet, but I will teach you).

c.   Journaling night and day dreams.

2.    Meditation/study (no specific time, though developing a daily routine for study, such as at the beginning of the day).  There is a group meditation which we as a community will be working through which speaks to our individual paths and/in relationship to the community).  "Personal Qualities through the first 17 stages of awakening."

3.  Exercise as described in "Definitions".

4.    Evening Dedication which you develop, honoring your own spiritual tradition and/or culture.  If you do not have a particular preference, through spiritual guidance, we can work on this aspect of the rule together.

5.    Weekly contact via e-mail, telephone or in person, with Spiritual Guide (at the present time this is me, Willow), regarding how you are doing in your daily life and with the qualities that you are working with.

6.    Monthly reports on your Rule of Life which includes all of the aspects spoken to in the "Definitions".

7.    Service as described in "Definitions".

8.    Contribution as described in "Definitions."

9.    Retreat: 

a.    Quarterly-day or overnight retreats and/or workshops are the aim.  These are (sponsored) by the various community members.  Location determined by the sponsor.

b.   Personal Days of Silence.  Beginning with 4 hours per week.

10.     Needs:  Stating your needs and desire as an individual and how the community is or is not meeting your needs.  Stating how you feel the community could better progress in serving the individual and the whole.

Initial statements:
11.    Making a statement for the community of what your vision of what co-creating this community looks like for you.

12.    Initial short statement of who you are and what healing work you are currently participating in and/or are interested in pursuing.  This will be shared with the community.

Required Supplies:

13.    Supplies:  You will need to purchase the basic workbooks, there are five total cost $65.00 to view sample materials.

A journal make it large enough that you can really explore. 
Also I use a program called Daily Diary which is extremely helpful in providing me with keeping it all together.

Please feel free to ask questions and share your ideas about how this community could better work for you. 

InPeace and InLove,



#2 2006-12-09 11:39:10

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Re: Forming a Rule of Life

Sacred Reflections:  Center for Transformational Awareness
Community of New Breed Healers
Rule of Life:  Monthly Reporting Form

Date:  _________________________________                      Report # __________

Name: _________________________________




The name of your spiritual guide:__________________________________

1.  Prayer:
    Prayer of cycle of life:
    Special prayers: 

2.  Meditation/study:

3.  Exercise:

4.  Journaling:

5.  Evening Dedication:

6.  Weekly contact with Spiritual Guide:

       Personal Retreats
       Community Retreats

7.  Monthly report:

8.  Service:

9. Contribution:   Financial Contribution to Personal Soul Work?
                         Please make contributions out to:  SacredReflections

Contribution to the Community through the Forum?

10.  Write a page answering the following questions:

       How is this rule of life serving to teach you about joy? Why?
       What parts of your rule challenge you? Why?
       What parts come easily?  Why?
       How is the community serving you and are you developing relationships with the other community members?
       How do you see the community better able to meet your needs and how can you better serve the community?

11.    What have you learned about yourself this month?

12.    What have you learned about community this month?

13.    With what new insight will you approach this new month?

14.    Special prayer requests?






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