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Universal Oneness is the discovery of how we love one another through experiencing living with the tools of all existance. ......Ascended Wisdom Teachings

#1 2007-09-18 16:29:57

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About Willow

Willow Tequillo, Spiritual Earth and Cosmic Guide.
Sacred Reflections: Center for Transformational Awareness
Home of the “New Breed Healers” 

                Willow is a first born daughter in a matri-lineal lineage of medicine women.  With a formal education in Social Work and Divinity, Willow spent 20 years of her career in  humanitarian service as social worker and minister working with all ages, stages and socio-economic backgrounds of the human being.

Through Sacred Reflections, Willow works nationally and internationally as a spiritual guide and medicine woman with individuals, groups, organizations and communities.

Co-creatively using earth and cosmic medicine tools to aid the individual back into primary sense awareness as a means to rekindle and awaken personal connections in Universal Oneness and advancement into 5th, 6th and 7th world.

This development and evolution of the Sacred Divine Human being is the essential key to UNITY within the individual, family, group, organization and community. Through the mind heart intentions of communion, compassion and co-operation, new co-creative relationships within communities are developed and maintained in health as unity.

Seeking to honor the loving guidance of the Ancient Ones,
Willow gratefully shares the gifts that they share with her in the areas of:

                32 Processes of Transformational Awareness using pathways to
                             Self Discovery of Personal Truth

·    Personal grounding through finding center and balance
·    Light and color as tools for healing.
·    Creative dance, song, story and art as tools to reawaken memory.
·    Individual sensory earth connection through primary senses.
·    Earth and cosmic ritual and ceremony.
·    Clearing of land.
·    Creating Sacred Space.
·    Maintaining Sacred Space.
·    Earth vortex: discovery, development and care.
·    Cosmic journeying.
·    Night dreaming and day dreaming. 
·    Soul Portraiting.
·    Soul memory and healing.
·    Past life and family soul healing.



#2 2008-05-04 10:12:37

Registered: 2006-04-25
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Re: About Willow

Hi All,
Just a reminder.
As you are developing your work it is good practice to quote your sources so that you can distinguish where your ideas get inspiration from and where your inspiration becomes the fruit of your own work.

A good way to do this is:
"Gratitude is........." Letter of Spiritual Direction, Spring 2008, Willow Tequillo

Practicing this in your own personal posts and community posts is important so that self and others are not confused regarding the source.

This is an important area in my teaching as it is totally reflective of the way in which native medicine and tradition has been taken without account and accountability.  I would like very much for us to learn the significance of rendering honor back to source and how this is part of natural order.  How this rendering does provide us with total access to deeper support and does help us to co-create solid plumb lines for discovery and sustainability of our personal work with ourselves and as we take it into our world.

I would appriciate an open conversation in regard to this.

In Much love and gratitude for all,



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